This page contains a number of help and information documents in Adobe Acrobat PDF format that can be viewed using the free Adobe Acrobat Reader. To view the document on-line, click on the title link.

Tips on Using Complete Clinic Software

 How to Update Your System How to retrieve and install a Software Update – 2 methods
 How to Send a File to CCS How to send a backup or other file directly to CCS from within the CCS system or using our website.
 Install a Work Station Explains how to install a work station by accessing a file in the shared application folder.
 Email_Limits_Settings Shows the email settings and sending limits for most of the common email providers.
 Network Notes A few pointers for setting up a Windows peer to peer network. For more information, see “Windows Settings” below.
 Inventory Notes Notes about conditions that can cause physical inventory discrepancies.
Hardware Recommendations Information about computer requirements.
 How to save Antech Reports 2 ways to save Antech Lab Reports and 1 way to import them to Complete Clinic
Credit Cards – EMV Facts Explains myths going around about EMV requirements.

 Windows, Network and Hardware Issues

 Windows 10 Upgrade Things to consider when installing the Windows 10 upgrade.
 Windows Settings Network and performance setting changes you need to make to Windows 7, 8 or 10 before installing Complete Clinic Software
 Hard Drive Maintenance Tips to help improve performance
 Invalid Seek Offset Error Causes and remedies for the memory related error.
 Write Behind Cache How to force Windows to post changes to your hard drive quicker to improve data integrity
 How to Stop the Run Prompt A simple setting change for Internet Explorer 7 & above
 Win 7 Life Cycle How long will Microsoft Support Windows 7?
Performance Tuning How to get better performance out of your computer
Power Options If your computer seems to have trouble waking up after being idle for a while, try these