Inventory Control

We added the ability to hide items marked as consumable from the invoice and estimate procedures. This option can be activated by checking the box labeled “Hide Consumables from Invoice and Estimate” on the System Default Settings/Billing Procedures form. A consumable item is defined as something you use 100% internally within your practice, e.g. cleaning supplies. It is not something that you sell. Items can be marked as “consumable” by checking the box labeled “set as consumable item” on the yellow tab of your inventory form.

We created a “House Usage Ticket” procedure that can be accessed from the inventory menu. This procedure permits you to create internal charge out tickets to record withdrawals from inventory for items that are consumed in your practice. You can create and modify tickets in the same manner as you would an invoice. Products that can be selected and charged on the in house ticket include both consumables and other items marked as products that you may also sell, e.g. food used in the hospital or boarding facilities.

We also created a new report called “Items Consumed in House”. This report can be run for any time period, and can be accessed from the <Inventory Reports> menu. It shows the items and cost of the items withdrawn from inventory and used in house. Putting items on an in-house ticket has no impact on sales. It only reduces inventory balances.

A number of other inventory reports, including “Inventory Item History”, “Inventory Log Code Report”, and “Inventory Balance Report”, have been modified to reflect the impact of in-house withdrawals.

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