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On September 25, 2015 CCS launched a competitively priced subscription automatic eReminder service that is fully integrated with Complete Clinic Software. This service provides automated client reminders via email, text message and voice for appointments and vaccines and services along with an annual birthday greeting. The goal of this service is to provide a cost effective way for you to use the power of the data within your Complete Clinic files to improve and preserve your revenue base. To provide this system, we have partnered with an established dental practice software company who has a proven track record of using this system in the dental profession.

Appointment Reminders

In the eReminder system, we do a sequence of communications to remind clients of appointments.

First, we send an email as soon as you create an appointment as a “save the date” email. We do not ask for confirmation in this email. This e-mail has an attachment that the patient can click on to place the appointment on their calendar. This works with any calendar like Outlook, Google or iPhone

Second, we send a “Please Confirm” e-mail three mornings before the appointment with the practice name, phone number, appointment date and time. We asked them to click the “Confirm Appointment” button in the email or reply to this e-mail to confirm the appointment. If we receive a confirmation, we do not send subsequent reminders until the day of the appointment. The number one rule here is “do not annoy the client”.

Third, if they do not reply to the confirmation e-mail, one day later, two mornings before the appointment we send a text message to each unconfirmed appointment having a cell phone number with the same appointment information. In the text message, we ask them to reply to confirm. Again, if they reply, we do not send subsequent reminders until the day of the appointment.

Fourth, if we still do not have a confirmation, two evenings before the appointment we do an automated voice call to their cell phone number, if provided, or their home phone number if not. We ask them to press one to confirm or three to reschedule.

Finally, on the day of the appointment (and this is the most important part) the system sends every appointment a text message 60 to 90 min. before the appointment as a last-minute reminder. This is the reminder that virtually eliminates no-shows. Clients really appreciate this reminder. Many of our partners Clients have told their practices that they would’ve missed the appointment without this last-minute reminder. Why does this work so well? Because everybody reads every text message they receive on a cell phone.

Vaccines and Services – eRecalls

First, each week we will gather from your patient database all of those patients who are due 3-4 weeks from now who do not have an appointment scheduled in the next 30 days. We will send them an e-mail and text message stating that they are almost due for vaccines or services and ask them to call your office to schedule an appointment.

Second, each week we will send an e-mail and text message to all patients who are three weeks overdue for their vaccines or services and ask them to call your office.

Third, each week we will compose a list of patients and their phone numbers who are six weeks overdue and we will e-mail that list to your practice. We feel it is very important that your staff call these patients at that particular point in time.

Fourth, each week we will send an e-mail and a text message to all patients who are six months overdue. Finally, each week we will scan your database for patients who were seen one year ago this week but have not had an appointment since then. We will send them a “We miss you” e-mail.

Studies show that recalls are the life blood of most practices. We have worked hard to make a recall system that is as effective as possible. Most practices, when staff have time to do recall, use postcards and phone calls to remind patients to make an appointment. Unfortunately today, most people don’t read postcards or answer their phones. With our eRecall system:

  • No one has to remember to do it. It is entirely automatic.
  • No one will say “I’m too busy to work recall.” It takes no staff time.

To sign up for the service, click here to obtain an order form.

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