Barcode Scanning


Complete Clinic Software supports barcode scanning in the following areas:

  1. Scan to look up inventory records
  2. Scan items to invoices
  3. Scans for quick receiving
  4. Scan items to put on purchase orders
  5. Scan item to create prescription labels or prescription forms.

To use a barcode scanner with Complete Clinic Software, you must first add each products UPC code to the item’s inventory record. The system will print 1d barcode labels that can be placed on shelf or product to assist with scanning and identification. The label is designed to print using a Dymo LabelWriter on a 1 inch by 3.5 inch address label.

The system supports both the 13 digit International (EAN) code and the 12 digit Domestic (UPC) Code commonly used in the US and Canada.

Any 1D or 2D barcode scanner should work with CCS.  If you wish to be sure, the system was developed with the GRYPHON Model GD4430, available in the CCS store.

If you decide to purchase a scanner, we recommend that it be able to read 2D(QR) codes. CCS is currently being modified to automatically print a 2D (QR) codes for any product or service item in the system.  This will permit you to print QR barcode labels for use in house.  Additional information will be posted here soon.