Network Version Upgrade



Product Description

If you are running the single computer version of Complete Clinic Software and wish to upgrade to the network version of the system you can purchase it here.   The network version, permits you to run Complete Clinic Software on any number of terminals at the same time. In a Windows network, one terminal must be designated as the “server” computer.  The server computer is the computer that shares access to the system with other computers on the network.  A “server” computer can be running Windows 7, Windows 8, Windows 10, Windows Server 8, or Windows Server 12.   If you do not have a Windows network, you should seek local computer assistance to help you set up your network.  CCS support can answer questions about networking Complete Clinic Software and can assist your computer technician with the network setup and diagnosis if there are problems.  We are unable to configure and set up your network remotely without having on-site assistance from a qualified person familiar with Windows networking.